If you have questions you can reach us by calling (416) 270-1320, or you can fill out our contact form.

To get fitted you must book your free consultation. Please click on the link below, or call us at (587) 707-5773 or (416) 270-1320.


You should set aside about 1 hour:

  • Roughly 30 minutes to select your style and fabrics.
  • Roughly 20 minutes to take your measurements.
  • Roughly 10 minutes for paperwork.

It takes 4 to 5 weeks or less for your suit to be finished and personally delivered to you.

  • We offer discount promotions for a wedding party of 6 or more on selected fabric lines.
  • We offer $25 off waistcoats for 3-piece orders.

Minor alterations are a normal part of the process of getting a custom suit. In the event that a change is needed, we offer up to $60 credit towards your suit alterations.

Visit one of our partner tailors and send us your receipt with the measurement changes. Please send to

We offer suit remakes only if a defect or error in production does not allow it to be altered.

We do not offer refunds. Every suit is custom made and can’t be resold.

We use only fine worsted wool fabrics for our suits. We offer a wide selection: from more economical wool blends, to English and Italian milled fabrics.

Ask our consultants about our linen and cotton lines.

Yes. We have hundreds of patterns in different weaves and weights for daily wear, or special occasions.

You need to know their focus on quality, service, and style philosophy. Pricing and fabric selection are also important.

Your custom suit is made from the best fabrics in the world. It’s style is designed to bring out the best in you. It’s a timeless piece of apparel that’s crafted specifically for you.

Our professional style consultants and tailors will craft you a custom suit that can’t be matched by mass produced apparel. Retail stores can’t offer you the attention needed to meet your custom requirements. We can.

You’ll look great in a double-breasted suit. Because of its pointed diagonal lapels, the double-breasted suit is right for all body types. However, its drawback is that the jacket looks best when it’s closed.

Your best option is to use a hanging garment bag. If you can’t, then your suit must fit well inside your luggage. It must not shift. This will causes wrinkles.

For normal luggage

  1. Pack your trousers first.
  2. Fold them in half.
  3. The bottoms must stop just before the waistband.
  4. Fold the jacket lengthwise in half – inside out.
  5. Push the shoulders all the way through.
  6. The sleeves must meet each other, hanging down and flat.

For small carry-on/jacket too big to fit

  1. Fold the jacket over a second time.
  2. Fold it between the nearest button, the waistline, and the top of the inside chest pocket.
  3. Individually wrap your garments in a plastic dry-cleaning bag for protection.