With it's ethos rooted in the idea of using clothing as a decorative means of self-expression, Fari Hara was made for the modern man.

Fari Hara directs and designs it's collections, sharing an aspiration that has been the same since the outset: to create beautiful custom garments using traditional techniques with the highest quality fabrics. We do this by offering a truly custom experience designed to bring out the best in you!

Welcome to the Fari Hara experience! We invite you to begin the process of creating your 1-of-1 custom masterpiece.



The experience begins with a meeting between you and your clothier. This can take place at home, at work or another location of your choosing: you choose where you would you like to be fitted and styled.

We take your measurements and guide you through selecting the fabric, the style and the finishing details based on your lifestyle and functional requirements.

Our Tailoring

There are generally three suiting options when it comes to menswear – bespoke, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear. At Fari Hara, we specialize in custom made-to-measure garments, ideal for the man who seeks the customized fit and quality of an individually tailored suit, without the lengthy wait and high price tag of a bespoke suit.

With an efficient, single measurement consultation and a combination of handmade and mechanical techniques, we are able to craft and deliver a superbly-made suit within just four weeks.



Our team of skilled master tailors, cutters and seamstresses put their passion and skill to work to transform the selected fabric into your finished garment.

The final quality control stage involves a rigorous inspection prior to our brand label being sewn in. Once passed, your finished garment will be ready for you to try on.

Vibrant and luxurious fabric lines mixed with passionate workmanship is our secret


Final Fitting

It’s time! Your finished garment will be ready for you to try on at one of our partner tailor shops roughly 4 weeks after your first meeting.

At the final fitting, our tailor will make slight alterations as required to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of your garment.

Every Fari Hara garment is fully made to measure, and we offer half-canvas construction.

Hand-stitched finishing

Top stitching and button fastening all done by hand


Choose from our Corozo, Horn or Mother of Pearl buttons to add a little extra to your masterpiece

Lightly padded shoulder

We use a lightweight padding to add structure to the shoulder without restricting your range of motion

Hand-stitched finishing

Top stitching and button fastening all done by hand

Lightly padded shoulder

We use a lightweight padding to add structure to the shoulder without restricting your range of motion

Canvassed Construction

Our jackets are made using a floating half canvas that acts as the skeleton of the jacket and forms to your body over time.

Our garments are tailored to the unique measurements of each individual and include dozens of customization options.

Collar Construction

Choose from crisp, business collars or soft, casual collars.

Customizable Options

Collar style, cuffs, contrast fabrics, buttons and monogram can all be customized.

Single Needle Stitching

This means that our shirts are assembled by skilled craftsmen who carefully hand-sew shirts with care and precision.

Easy Care

Special finishing treatments to many of our fabrics that help to greatly reduce wrinkles.

No detail is too small. Choose everything, from the lapel shape and size down to the buttons.

Premium Overcoat

Wool/Cashmere blends, Cashmere/Silk blends and 100% Cashmere fabrics available.

Incredibly Versatile

Great as a top coat with a suit or worn casually with jeans and boots.

Fully Lined

Made with a premium lining for that extra bit of insulation.

It Starts With The First Meeting

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Frequently Asked

How are you different to other menswear companies?

Our tailoring is top tier. That’s a given and should be expected when going for a custom suit. The things that set us apart from the rest are the level of service we provide before, during, and after our tailoring sessions. It’s a truly personal shopping experience from start to finish.

Is everything custom fit?

Yup! Made by Fari Hara, just for you and backed by our Perfect Fit Guarantee!

How specific can I be with my fabrics and stick details?

The world is your oyster. If you can imagine it, we are confident we can create it!

What is your price range?

The price of a suit is determined by the styling options and most importantly, the fabric. Our suits start at $599 and shirts at $99.

How do I place an order?

First things first, book an appointment with one of our clothiers to review your styling requirements and our fabric and customization options. You can place your order after you have been fitted.

If this isn’t your first go around, please send an email to info@farihara.com to discuss placing another order.

Do you have a store? Where will the consultation take place?

We do not have a retail store. Our clothiers are flexible and can meet with you at your home, office or another location of your choosing.

What’s the difference between made-to-measure and bespoke?

When it comes to suits, made-to-measure is often considered the best of both worlds. MTM provides the near immediacy of ready-to-wear (especially in contrast to the months taken for bespoke), similar options for cloth and finishing, and at a price point closer to RTW than bespoke.

Although MTM takes into account dozens of measurements, it only really deals in simple, flat, two-dimensional measurements. It can make the length of your sleeves correct, but it cannot (as accurately as bespoke) account for how much you stoop or which shoulder is lower than the other.

Personal appointment with a stylist
Personal appointment with the cutter and stylist
Over 25 body measurements and posture images recorded
Over 35 body measurements and posture images recorded
Single consultation
Multiple fittings (2-3)
Half hand-made construction
Fully hand-made
Garment is created from scratch
Garment is created from scratch
Customized fit
Superior fit
Customize over 20 Styling elements
Complete customization of garment
Choose from 100s of fabrics, trims and buttons
Choose from 100s of fabrics, trims and buttons
Delivery in 4 weeks
Delivery in 8-12 weeks

I need a suit ready in less than 4 weeks. Will that be possible?

We can complete a suit, including all fittings, in 10-20 days if you are in a rush. There is an additional charge for this service.

How do I track my order?

We will contact you a few days before your order arrives to schedule your next fitting, but you are welcome to send an email to info@farihara.com for tracking details.