• We’ll work with you to get your ideal fit, whether it’s a small alteration or a complete remake.
  • The changes will be saved to your profile to ensure future orders fit perfectly.
  • Alteration and remake requests are valid for 30 days after your final fitting.
  • We are not responsible for alterations on orders placed using measurements that are not taken by Fari Hara personnel.


  • We will remake your garment if a defect or error in production makes it unalterable.
  • Our suits, jackets and trousers are tailored to allow for weight fluctuations of +/- 10 lbs. We will not be responsible for alterations or remakes due to significant changes in body size.


  • We will only process refunds after a remake is unsuccessful in achieving your ideal fit.
  • Refunds will be issued 7-10 business days after we receive the returned items.
  • Orders placed using measurements that were not taken by Fari Hara personnel are not eligible for a refund.