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Top 5 Summer Menswear Essentials

By August 18, 2020August 24th, 2020No Comments

By Sade Babatunde – Knit Me Up – Personal Stylist & Fashion Blogger

It’s summertime for those of us in the northern hemisphere of the world and it couldn’t have come sooner. If you weren’t born yesterday, chances are that you have been confined to working from home, using your sofa to do leg exercises and potentially gained some COVID 15 weight. Can you relate?

There is hope. To combat potential summer blues from spending most of 2020 indoors, we have gathered the top 5 menswear items that will keep you looking stylish for any summer events.

It is all in the fabric

Before we begin, it is essential that we explain the importance of choosing breathable fabrics for each item. Let us explain through an activity,

  • Put a finger down if you have worn a summer outfit that left you feeling wet because of how much you sweated underneath.
  • Put your finger down if, at that moment, you secretly placed toilet paper under your armpits to absorb the sweat pool or tried to lift your shirt up and down to create delusional wind and prevent more sweat.
  • We have all been there. For this reason, we have selected linen as the fabric of choice for our picks.

Linen provides an unmatched coolness thanks to the weave and fibre properties; it allows more airflow and is less likely to cling to the skin. AND don’t worry about the wrinkles, it’s part of the charm of wearing linen clothing.

Another summer fabric alternative to linen is cotton. It is extremely breathable and its absorbent qualities make it perfect for the hottest summer days.

Re-create a “Monaco Summer Night” look

Part dress shirt, part polo shirt. This easy to wear lightweight shirt not only communicates high-class, but it does so quite effortlessly. The loose structure and button details are a great pairing for any summer cocktail outfit.

Wear this as a soft Button-down or Band collar for a more relaxed look.

A Band collar shirt speaks volumes about your level of style and sophistication. Although this shirt speaks to a more relaxed setting, the band collar is a very fashion-forward add-on to any outfit. Rock this casual shirt by itself or layer it under a light jacket.

Commonly called a Shacket these days, it is halfway between a shirt and a jacket. Not only does this shirt jacket protect you on occasional cold nights, it adds another layer to your outfit that is unexpected.

Made from thicker shirt fabrics, it is the ideal year-round layering piece.

Linen pants are synonymous with summer style and a standard for many Mediterranean men. It will be no surprise if friends and strangers start to wonder if you do own a yacht when you proudly wear a pair of linen pants with loafers.

Last but not least, this pair of shorts are a wonderful alternative to jean shorts that are sometimes too heavy for the summer. They’re quite versatile in that you can combine them with flip flops, your favourite loafers or dressy sneakers depending on your event.

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