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Benefits of Custom and Bespoke Suits by Fari Hara

By January 20, 2024No Comments

We meet people every day, and often make snap judgements about them within a few minutes.

Have you ever thought about how the mind decides what someone is like so quickly?

Some of it is body language and attitude of course, for instance, if someone delivers a package to you and they look angry or ill-tempered, that has a major impact on our perceptions. But another part of those judgements is how people present themselves.

How we look is reflected in how people see us, both in terms of personal values and professionalism.

Take two people, one in a well-fitting suit, one dressed more casually, and in general, most people will assume the person in the suit is the more successful, competent and professional, and this applies in almost every situation.

Why? It’s a subconscious thing, but the way you present yourself really does make a difference.

A good suit transcends environments, but is it really worth spending more for a custom-made option?

There are several reasons why the answer is yes, and while a suit is all about conveying a certain image, the first is more about you.

The unmatched feel of a custom suit

If you feel good, you project that to those around you, but gives you more confidence, whatever you are doing. A custom suit feels great to wear, not just because it fits you perfectly in a way off the rack clothing simply cannot do.

With a bespoke suit design, you get to choose the type of fabric, style and colour that you prefer. Every aspect of the suit is exactly what you want it to be, so it just feels right in every way.

Sometimes in life, it is important to reward ourselves, and a great custom suit really does feel special when you put it on.

That would be enough to justify a bespoke suit on its own really, but it also brings benefits in how others see you too.

Making a statement: the visible impact of a custom suit

Now matter how good an off the rack suit is, and some of them are very good, they can never fit you like a bespoke suit can.

From the shoulder lines to the waist cut, trouser length and more, custom suits fit you perfectly. We have already mentioned how great that feels, but the thing is, it shows too.

In a room of fifty people all wearing suits, the one or two in custom suits stand out. The suits hang differently, they look better, and people will notice.

They may not even realise why they notice, or that it is a custom suit, but they will see a difference, and as a result, see you in a different way.

There is another aspect to this too, in that a custom suit can look very different, because you can tailor every aspect of it to your own liking. Choice of material can make a suit seem very different to the usual choices, but perhaps the one that really has an impact on those around you is colour.

With a custom suit, you can have an unusual colour, you can even have different hues, with jacket and trousers in one colour and the vest in something else. This allows you to create your own style that reflects who you are.

Not only do you stand out wherever you may be, but you can also use this to influence what first impressions people have of you when you first meet.

Of course, any new suit looks good, but off the rack won’t stand the test of time like a custom suit can either.

Custom suits are crafted to last

While a custom suit represents an investment in terms of cost, when it comes to value, they are often a much better prospect than a store-bought off the rack option.

That is because they are better made and will last longer, so you don’t need to replace a suit as often when you choose a bespoke option. From fabric choice to the stitching style, all of it is crafted for you personally, and because of this there are no corners cut during the creation of a bespoke suit.

But better craftsmanship is not the only reason they last longer. Because the suit is designed for your exact measurements, there are no tight spots or problem areas where the suit doesn’t quite fit right, and that reduces wear and tear on the fabric, stitching and so on too.

While lasting longer and requiring less new suits over time means they are great value, there is also a potential issue though. The suit may stay the same for longer, but we don’t. Our bodies change over time, no matter how much we exercise and look after ourselves, but the custom suit has an advantage here too.

You can keep tailoring the fit

Your custom suit has a long life, and chances are you will change in that time. But with a tailored suit, this is not a problem.

Your tailor knows you, and you build a good relationship during the course of creating your bespoke suit, and as a result, they are there for you throughout its life.

Your custom suit can be adjusted to maintain that perfect fit throughout your ownership, so it will look as good the last time you put it on as it did the first. But the benefits don’t end after you finish with the suit, it can even do more for you when you decide to change.

Its worth more when you sell it

Now, some of us never sell suits, but for those that like to freshen up their wardrobe and sell on what they no longer need, the custom suit will perform better here too.

With its quality fabric, superior craftsmanship and so on, a custom suit tends to sell for more money than a traditional, off the rack suit on the used market.


So, from your first fitment and choosing the details to the day you pass it on to its next owner, a custom suit is bringing benefits to you every time you wear it. It can even be better value than cheaper suits because it lasts so much longer, so next time you need a suit, think about a custom option.

It will be a better investment in yourself than yet another off the rack, because it makes you feel good and look even better.